man Herbert Proctor Hall‏‎, son of Horace Hall and May Proctor‏.
Born ‎29 Jun 1919 15 Howard Road, Walthamstow, London E17. Occupations: Company Manager, Church Minister

Married ‎20 Jan 1945 Saint Albans Church, North Harrow, Middx (59 years married) to:

woman Irene Louisa Ashton‏‎, daughter of Frederick Charles Ashton and Louisa Maria Larking‏.
Born ‎22 Jan 1919 33 Dalston Lane, Hackney, London, died ‎31 Aug 2004 Paraparaumu, New Zealand‎, 85 years
Irene Louisa Ashton (Hall)
The best source of information about life and work at Bletchley Park is the veterans themselves, and in June 2009 Irene filled in one of their historical survey forms. She gave them her dates at Bletchly Park and wrote that she was a telegraphist. FO Civilian - Summary of Service Bletchley Park 1943 - January 1945 Block E, Communications Centre, Morse Slip Reader. Irene also worked at Bletchley Park during the war which was top secret at the time and the family didn't know what she did until fairly recently. She didn't work directly on breaking the Enigma code but nevertheless she did important work there. The building she worked in was closed to the pubic but we could see it on our walking tour. Miss L Ashton appears on one of the few surviving official documents relating to Bletchley Park.
This is a list of civilian personnel in the communications section on 5th October 1944 and shows that she was in the team of Morse Slip readers. Morse Slip reader was a method of sending messages in Morse code using a paper tape system and was indeed a form of telegraphy. Morse slip reading at Bletchley Park was done by both civilian personnel like Irene and by members of the WAAF. It was likely that Irene was called to her local Labour Exchange to report for national service, and was offered a number of civilian posts including munitions work, nursing and secret work for the Foreign Office. The staff at the exchange would have no information about what this work entailed, but Irene might have been interested enough to accept this.
A few days later she would have been sent a railway ticket to Bletchley and only told what she would be doing when she arrived. She would have been billeted on a local civilian family and taken to work every day by bus. She would probably have worked shifts, from 08.00 - 16.00, 16.00 to midnight or midnight to 08.00am. Changing over every week, she would have had very little idea of what was happening at Bletchley Park outside her immediate workplace.
Bletchley Park, The Mansion, Bletchley Park, Sherwood Drive, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB


man Donald Martin Ashton Hall‏
Born ‎11 Jan 1948 Korle-Bu Hospital, Accra, Gold Coast (Ghana), Africa. Occupation: Civil Engineer
woman Carole Joyce Irene Hall‏
Born ‎1 Jan 1950 Middlesex Hospital, London