woman Ruth Agnes LOBLAW‏‎, daughter of William James LOBLAW and Agnes DICKSON‏.
Born ‎22 Nov 1897 Cheboygan, Michigan, United States, died ‎11 Jan 1920 Calgary Or Blind Creek, Alberta, Canada‎, 22 years

Married ‎5 Jul 1916 Calgary, Alberta, Canada (3 years married) to:

man John Paulette WATTS‏‎
Born ‎2 May 1895 Tennessee, United States, died ‎Dec 1979 Detroit, Michigan, United States‎, 84 years
Paul Watts moved back to the US after the death of Ruth. He remarried and had a family.

Ruth and Paul were parents of Jean Agnes Loblaw, born 1917. Jean was given up for adoption to her great uncle, Theodore Pringle Loblaw, after Ruth's untimely death.