man John Douglas Howard‏‎, son of Douglas Roy Howard and Jean Chalmers‏.
Born ‎23 Jun 1928 Sutton, Ontario

Married ‎5 Feb 1955 Newmarket, Ontario (65 years married) to:

woman Dorothy Hunt Patterson‏‎, daughter of Frederic John Patterson and Laura Elma Hunt‏.
Born ‎23 Sep 1924 Orangville, Ontario


man James Allan Howard‏‎
Born ‎18 Oct 1958 Orillia, Ontario
Ref. number: P1

Born and raised in the Orillia area. Went to Ridgetown Coll ege of

Agricultural Technology. Returned to work there 09 Oct 197 9 and will

likely be finished April of 1997.

Provider of much data to Peter Howard May 1996

man Stuart Bruce Howard‏‎
Born ‎14 Apr 1960 Orillia, Ontario