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man Adam, James     X Jane Mccall "Jean,, Jeannie" STUART* ‎1884* Doncaster (Baldby), Yorkshire† ‎Apr Q 1956† West Harrow, London
woman Adam, Janet * ‎3 Sep 1814* Forgue, Aberdeenshire† ‎23 May 1888† Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
man Adam, John * ‎12 Oct 1803* Forgue, Aberdeenshire
man Adam, John Gill Simpson "Jack" & Gertrude* ‎1882* Doncaster Hexthorpe Yorks† ‎25 Jul 1918† Pozieres, Flanders
man Adam, John Mcadam Stuart X Anne Green* ‎15 Mar 1929* Wood Green, London
woman Adam, Madge Gertrude * ‎6 Mar 1912* Highbury, London† ‎25 Aug 2001
woman Adam, Maggie * ‎1900* Doncaster, Yorkshire† ‎1 Sep 1903† Doncaster (Baldby), Yorkshire
man Adam, Martin & Linda ?
woman Adam, Peggy
woman Adam, Peggy
man Adam, Robert Stuart William X Miriam "Marion, Marion" ?* ‎31 Oct 1915* Highbury, London
man Adam, Stanley     X Dorothy Adelaide ASHTON* ‎5 Sep 1917* Palace Gates Road, Wood Green, London† ‎31 May 2019† Bromyard, Herefordshire
woman Adam, Suzanne
man Adam, William * ‎14 Feb 1839* Forgue, Aberdeenshire† ‎before 1845
man Adam, William * ‎11 Aug 1812* Forgue, Aberdeenshire
man Adam, William     & N.N.
man ADAM, William     X Clara "Clarissa May, Clare" SIMPSON* ‎1845* Banff, Scotland† ‎1915† Doncaster (Baldby), Yorkshire
woman ADAMS, Living
man ADDISON, James Douglas X Lillian Ruth MOSS* ‎4 May 1909* Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada† ‎6 Jan 1977† Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
woman ADDISON, Living & Living SWANSON
man ADDISON, Living 1st & Living LARLEE, 2nd & Living MELLOR
woman ADDISON, Living
man ADDISON, Living
woman ADDISON, Living
man ADDISON, Living & Living TEMBLOR
woman ADDISON, Living
man ADDISON, Living & Living PITT
woman ADDISON, Living
man ADDISON, Living & Living ALFANO
woman ADDISON, Living