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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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man BALDWIN, Living
woman BALDWIN, Living
man BALDWIN, Living
man BALL, John X Mary CHESHIRE
man Bard, Benjamin & Sarah Soden* ‎1839* Great Chesterford
woman Bard, Mary Soden & Arthur John Cook* ‎1864* Saffron Walden
woman BARLOW, Living
woman Barrett, & Frederick William Charles Witts
woman Barrett, Alice Maud "Barrett-Witts"
woman BASLEY, Mary X William GAskins
man Bass, Edward Henry "Edwin" 1st & Elizabeth, 2nd X Emma Susannah FAIRCLOTH* ‎1864* Woolwich, Kent† ‎before 1939
man Bass, Edward William & Mary Ann ?
woman BATCHELOR, Mary Aubrey X Benjamin FRENCH* ‎8 Apr 1857* Gosport, Hants† ‎25 Dec 1941† Lampeter, Cards
woman BATTORES, Ann     X John GASKIN* Thornborough
man BECK, Living & Living DAWSON
woman BECK, Living
man BECK, Living
woman Beckford, Mary     X John Seabrook
woman Bedo, Amy X Ralph Howard* ‎1663
woman Beech, Doris X Norman Type* ‎1914† ‎1994† Haywards Heath
man Beechey, Charles Henry 1st & N.N., 2nd X Frances Sarah Type* ‎1854† ‎1904† Bristol
woman Beechey, Daisy * ‎14 Mar 1887* Bristol
woman Beechey, Emily * ‎1879
man Beechey, Ernest * ‎1874
woman Beechey, Lily * ‎26 Apr 1890* Bristol
woman Beechey, Mabel * ‎12 Jul 1884* Bristol
man Beechey, William Henry & N.N.† ‎before 1897
woman Belland, Corry Ann Elizabeth X Scott Kevin Andrews* ‎16 May 1970* Cochrane, Ontario, Canada
man Belland, Robert John Ronald X Judith Ethel Wickens* ‎30 Apr 1942* Saint Catherines, Ontario, Canada† ‎20 Oct 1995† New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada
woman Bennett, Alice Mary X James Stuchbury