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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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woman Bennett, Doris & Percy Type
man Bennett, George & N.N.
man Bennett, Robert X Sarah Type* ‎1830
man BENOIT, Living
woman BENOIT, Living & Living JODOIN
man BENOIT, Living & Jennifer Lynn LOBLAW
man BENOIT, Living & Living LEVESQUE
man BENOIT, Living
man BETHAM, Living & Living THOMAS
woman BETHAM, Living
woman BIEKER, Living von 1st & N.N., 2nd & James Clifford LOBLAW
man Biggs, Charles * ‎1846* Sandrige
man BIGGS, Edward     & Anne
woman Biggs, Ellen * ‎1842* Sandridge
woman Biggs, Emily * ‎1850* Sandrige
man BIGGS, George     X Mary Ann Prudent* ‎Jul 1814* Hatch End, Harrow Middx† ‎1 Jun 1890† Watford, Hertfordshire
man BIGGS, George Nicholson * ‎1841* Hatch End, Harrow, Middx
man BIGGS, Henry "Harry" * ‎1847* Pinner Middx
woman BIGGS, Jill & Ewart DANCER
man Biggs, John & Elizabeth Davison* ‎1822* Sandridge
woman BIGGS, Mary Anne     X Jonathan Myler HOWARD* ‎1846* Pinner Middx† ‎8 Jun 1887† Radlett, Herts
man BIGGS, William Thomas * ‎1842* Harrow Weald, Middlesex
woman Billingsley, Laurie * ‎1986
man Billingsley, Nathan * ‎1990
man Billingsley, Paul X Debra Type
woman BILY, Living & Living LOBLAW
woman BISHOP, Catherine Florence X Frank C. JARVIS
man BISHOP, Charles & Catherine Sarah NORTH
man Boardrick, Art & Annie Patience Type* United States
man Boardrick, Art * United States